www.routerlogin.net is the web address that redirects you to the router login page of Netgear. Once you login to your Netgear router account you can avail of the features and services rendered by Netgear. Just have a look on the procedures given below to successfully login into your Netgear router account.


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Things you might need before you login into your Netgear router

Before login to your router account of Netgear, you must have the following prerequisites. Using these prerequisites you can easily set up your router without any problem. 

  • Your Netgear router must be properly connected with your computer, laptop or mobile device. Either use wired or wireless connection for establishing the connection between both the devices.
  • Access the latest version of your web browser.
  • Ensure that your router is properly plugged into the electric socket. 
  • Make sure your router must be connected to the high-speed internet connection. 
  • You must have an Ethernet cable, router, power cable, and modem.
  • Also, ensure that there should not be any dust near your router.

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Login to your Netgear router through the website- www.routerlogin.net


In order to login to your Netgear router account follow these steps without skipping. These steps will definitely help you to reach your router login account.

  • First and foremost,  you need to turn on your Netgear router.
  • Afterwards, connect your router with the computing device.
  • Go to thewww.routerlogin.netwebpage. 
  • Login with the default login credentials of your Netgear router. Use “admin” as the default username and the password as “password”. Otherwise, if you have changed the credentials, use them to reach your account. 
  • Before you move further with the login process of the Netgear router, ensure that you entered the login credentials correctly.  
  • Lastly, click on the “Sign In” button in order to reach your Netgear Router account.
  • This completes the process to reach the Netgear router login page. Now, you can get access to various features offered by the Netgear router.

There is a difference between the Netgear account and the Netgear Router account. The Netgear Router account is specified to your router account only. You can only make changes in the settings of your router. Whereas, with the Netgear account, you can get security notifications for all the Netgear products. Along with this, you can activate the warranty period for the products of Netgear. Moreover, you can track your network and control it remotely.

We need to perform a factory reset on the router if you have forgotten your login password and you are not able to reset the password.  By doing so, all the personalized settings will be deleted. Along with this, your username, password, network name of your Wi-Fi, and security settings will be deleted and put them as the default ones.  Closely, follow each and every step to complete the procedure successfully without having any sort of problem. 

  1. Begin the process of factory reset by turning on your Netgear router. Check whether the power light on the Netgear router is on or not. 
  2. Thereafter, you need to locate either the “Restore Factory Settings” or the “Reset” button. You will get the button on the backside of your Netgear router.  
  3. Basically the reset button is a tiny hole where you have to insert the pin and press down for seven seconds.
  4. After seven seconds, you have to release the reset button. 
  5. Now, your Netgear router is reset to factory settings and no previous settings exist on the router. Thereafter, you have to use the default login credentials of the Netgear router to login to your account successfully.

If you want to login to your Netgear router account, you will find the default username and password at the backside of your router. You can use the login credentials to reach your account.

Yes, you have the option to change the default username and password as per your convenience. Thereafter login to your Netgear router account using those credentials.