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In today’s time, we perform 90% of our tasks using our mobile devices. From bill payments to manage your remote-controlled appliances like Air Conditioners we manage all on our phone. Then why not our Netgear Router read the following steps to know the process of Router Login via Mobile App. 


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Router Login via Mobile App

* Search for the Nighthawk, on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

* Download and Install it on your phone. 

* Although the owners of Orbi Routers should use the Orbi app, that they might have used when first setting up the mesh networking system.

* If you already possess a Netgear Account then just Log-in to your account.

* Otherwise, create a Netgear Account by selecting the ‘Create Account’ option. 

* To log in to your router enter the admin credentials for the router. Just as is the case when logging in from a PC. 

* You’ll need the username and password for your router. 

* Remember your Netgear account, and your Netgear Router Login is entirely different. 

* Enter the required details to Sign In, and you’ve completed your Netgear Router Login.

* If you’ve forgotten your password, there’s a link presented to a Netgear support article that discusses what to do next.

* However, you can also see steps 3 and 4 from the instructions listed above for Netgear Router Login using a Web browser. 

These were a few steps that you can follow to easily complete your Netgear Router Login. These steps can come super handy when you have to log-in to your Netgear Router. 

Router Login

You can also seek the help of our experts to help you install the extender by calling us at our toll-free customer service numbers or by chatting with them.



Using Your Web Browser for Netgear Router Login

Router Login

Alternatively, you can also use your Web Browser for Router Login of your Netgear device. 

Primary Router Login method 

  • Once you have your computer turned on, Go to any web browser of your choice and search for the official website. 
  • Find the login window asking for your username and password that will open as a pop-up window on your screen. 
  • In case this window fails to appear or the official site does not open you can opt for the alternative method that we will mention below. 

This is step is an alternative way to get access to the official site of Router Login. Just follow these steps.  

* Reach out for your instruction booklet and search your IP address in it. 

* An IP address is generally a 4 – number digital address that has periods or decimals between each number. 

* Now insert this address in the URL bar of the browser.

* The IP address comes handy to trace your router’s location on the local network.

* Alternatively, your PC can also help you find your IP Address.   

The above step will give you access to the official site of the Router Login Window. Once you reach there, do the following steps

* Find the Sign-in window, this window requires you to enter your username and password. Once you have entered your credentials click the “Sign in” icon. The Router Login process is done now successfully. 

* This is an easy way to access your account but there is only one problem that you can face in this issue. Your inability to remember your username or password correctly can create an interruption. 

* No need to worry, there can be a chance that you have never changed your default Username and Password. 

* Try the default username and password that are ‘admin’ and ‘password’ respectively. 

* The bottom part of your router body is the place where you can find the default credentials of your router.

* This will give you access to use your Netgear Account

* It is always better to create your own username and password amounting to security reasons.  

Since you have not done it earlier do it now. But even after the above steps, your account is not accessible, then follow the next steps.  

* Router Login window that appears on your screen has a “Cancel” icon also, Click that icon. 

* Now, if you’ve enabled password recovery before, the Router Password Recovery screen will appear.

* You’ll need to fill in your router’s serial number. You will find this somewhere on the device, most probably the underside. 

* You have to answer some security questions. The password will appear as soon as you are done with this. 

* If you didn’t enable password recovery or have forgotten the answers to the security questions, don’t panic. 

* You will simply have to start from the very beginning, for this, you have to do a factory reset on your Netgear router. 

* This will completely reset the username and password to the defaults.

* To carry out a factory reset, make sure the router is turned on, then find the reset button (it will almost certainly be on the rear of the device).

* This is like a small hole in which you have to insert a paperclip, pin or anything slim and sharp enough and press down for a few seconds.  

 Your router will then be reset, but you have to note that you will have lost all of your settings. You need to set up the device again from the very beginning.